What's new at IRMAC

Data Jobs

IRMAC offers the opportunity to post data jobs directly to our community of data professionals.

Evolution of Fleet Analytics at Ingersoll Rand

Mary Rutherford's presentation is available online.


Deborah Henderson's presentation on the forthcoming DMBOK2 is available online. Also Martin Sykora's slides on new content for Data Warehousing Business Intelligence.

Business Data Architect at the OSC

New position listed at the Ontario Securities Commission.

Season Opener features Dalton Cervo

Dalton Cervo, author and expert on Master Data Management, will be our opening speaker for our 2015-16 season. Don't miss him on Wednesday, September 16 at The Albany Club.

IRMAC Letter to Universities

IRMAC has published an open letter to universities to offer advice on improving data education to address industry needs in a world of Big Data.

Membership Discounts

IRMAC Members members are entitled to discounts through membership of the Association. Also, as a DAMA affiliate, IRMAC is eligible to substantial DAMA discounts,

IRMAC LinkedIn Group

An IRMAC LinkedIn Group is available. Click here to apply to join the group. Group membership is subject to approval.

Certified Data Management Professional

We have published an Honour Roll of IRMAC members that have achieved the Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) designation. The CDMP certification is the only non-proprietary DAMA backed certification. With the increasing popularity and acceptance of the DMBOK (the Data Management Book), CDMP is now more recognized among industry professionals than ever before. Please contact our Education Director for details.