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Enterprise Information Management

Information management is an important function within the enterprise, similar to financial management and HR management.  However, unlike Finance and HR, there is no “Corporate IM Function”.  Obviously, enterprises (even ‘information-intensive’ enterprises) get by without a corporate IM function – they have been doing so for a long time, and continue to do so without any apparent harm.  On the other hand, we see respected research organizations such as Gartner and Forrester proclaim the importance of organizations having an enterprise information management strategy. 

There’s a disconnect between what organizations should be doing, and what they are actually doing, with respect to EIM.  What is the reason for this discrepancy?  The SIG would examine what experts in this field are saying and what is actually happening in organizations, and discuss what can be accomplished, the hurdles to be overcome, and share ideas for doing so.

Goal: To identify realistic and effective strategies, models, techniques and tools for establishing Enterprise Information Management (EIM) as a critical program for an effectively functioning enterprise, in much the same way as Finance and HR.

Audience: Business and IT stakeholders in information management.

SIG Purpose: To provide a forum for discussion and consensus on realistic and effective approaches for establishing information management as a critical enterprise program.

SIG Format: Rather than an “expert presenter – learner audience” format, the format will be a round table discussing various EIM topics.  Each topic to be introduced and facilitated by a discussion leader.

Proposed frequency and timing of meetings:  Bi-monthly

Chaired by:

Inaugural Meeting:

Date:           Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Time: 4-6 PM

Location:  Bay-Adelaide Centre, 333 Bay Street at Adelaide, 46th Floor


Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse

Our Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse Special Interest Group was founded in 1995. It allows participants to focus on all issues surrounding data warehousing and business intelligence. Contact our SIG chair for more information

Meta Data

The Meta Data Special Interest Group explores the broad topic of meta data. The goal is share ideas on meta data management amongst participants and examine how best to utilise meta data to gain business value. Please join us in sharing your experiences and insight into this fascinating and often misunderstood topic.

Contact our SIG chair for more information


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