Our 2011-2012 Programme

Wednesday, August 17, 5:30 p.m. Special Event

  • John Zachman on 'Enterprise Physics 101'

Wednesday, September 21, 9 a.m.

  • Bob Armacost, How to make Knowledge Work in a Professional Service Industry

Wednesday, October 19, 9 a.m.

  • Dalton Cervo, Master Data Management

Wednesday, November 16, 9 a.m.

  • Ken Russel, The Kinetic Leader

Thursday, December 15

  • Karen Lopez, Data Management: The Straw Poll

Wednesday, January 18, 9 a.m.

  • Larry Goldberg, The Decision Model

Tuesday, February 21 Full Day Tutorial

  • Larry English: Bringing in the Emerging, Realized Information Age 3.0

Wednesday, February 22, 9 a.m.

  • Larry English, Three Proven Quality Tools You Can Use For Information Quality Management

Wednesday, March 21 9 a.m.

  • Craig Van Spall, Master Data Management projects - A practical guide for stakeholders
  • Neil Hepburn, Why QlikView is the fastest growing BI company in the world

Wednesday, April 18, 9 a.m.

  • Scott E. Thompson, Semantic MediaWiki Approach to Metadata
  • Katrina Easton & John Tench, How to Get Business Value From Metadata

Thursday, May 17

  • Tom Redman, Data Doc

Wednesday, June 13 Annual General Meeting

  • Open House

Friday, June 22 Annual Lunch (note date change)

  • Peter Aiken, The Data-Focused CIO: A 20-Year Retrospective of the CIO as a Critical Business Function

In putting together the programme we are heavily indebted to association members who put forward ideas or who offer themselves or others as speakers.