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Data Modelling Masterclass

Graeme Simsion’s article Data modelling - Testing the Foundations (Database Programming & Design, Feb 1996) explored some of the fundamental practical issues in data modelling and drew a record number of letters - most of them about his contention that data modelling is a design discipline with opportunities for choice and creativity. His popular book Data Modeling Essentials - Analysis, Design and Innovation (Coriolis, International Thompson) draws on his extensive experience as a practitioner to develop this idea further. Masterclass participants will receive a copy of Graeme's book.

Daniel Moody has published papers on Data Modelling and associated issues in the Australian Computer Journal, Database Programming and Design, the DAMA International Symposium, the Australasian Journal of Information Systems, the International Entity Relationship Conference, the Australian Database Conference, the Australasian Conference on Information Systems, the Asia-Pacific Oracle Conference, the Australian Software Metrics Conference, the Australian Share-Guide Conference and the International DB2 User Group Conference.

In this tutorial, Graeme and Daniel will look at the application of  ideas for both project-level and strategic data . A solid knowledge of the basics of data will be assumed - this is a session for experienced practitioners.


Graeme Simsion is Managing Director (President) of  Simsion Bowles and Associates, an independent Australian consultancy employing some 50 staff. From a background in database administration, he has worked extensively in data management, and is the author of the widely-used text Data Modeling Essentials.

He is also the Principal Author of the Australian Computer Society certification program in IT Strategy and Management, and lead developer of a major program in Business Process Design delivered to over 2,000 managers. He regularly works with senior and top management groups, and is one of Australia's best known presenters on information systems topics.

Daniel Moody is a Senior Consultant with Simsion Bowles and Associates. Prior to joining Simsion Bowles, he held academic positions at a number of Australia's leading universities and held senior information management positions in some of Australia's largest and most successful private companies. He has successfully established Information Management functions in a wide range of organisations, in both the public and private sector, and has consulted in Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia. Daniel is the current President of DAMA (Data Management Association) in Melbourne and he organised the First Australian DAMA Conference, held in Melbourne in 1996.

Tutorial: Tuesday & Wednesday, April 27 & 28, 1999
8:30 Continental Breakfast; 9:00 Start

Location: Metropolitan Hotel, 108 Chestnut St. at: Dundas St

Attendance: $500 for IRMAC/DAMA members. ($600 for non-members, includes IRMAC membership.)
Include the IRMAC International Symposium for a total price of only $550 for members ($650 non-members!)

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