A Brief History of IRMAC

In 1971, people with similar interests in database technology began to meet in Toronto on a monthly basis. They became known as the Data Base Users Group and focused on the file management and database software products available at the time. As interest in database management broadened and attendance at meetings increased, on June 22nd, 1973 the group incorporated as the Data Base Association (Ontario) Inc.

By 1988 we had changed our name to the Information Resource Management Association of Canada to reflect our primary interest in information management.

We were early Internet adopters: in 1995 we launched our own web site to explore this new means to communicate amongst ourselves and with the wider data community. Within two years we had acquired our own Internet domain and the memorable web address of www.irmac.ca.

A Data Warehouse Special Interest Group was also formed in the 1995, as IRMAC members helped drive the growth of data warehousing. Our primary focus remains our regular monthly meetings on leading edge information management practices together with the opportunity to meet fellow practitioners facing similar challenges.

In 1996, IRMAC affiliated with DAMA International, a U.S. based International body with very similar aims to IRMAC. DAMA offered a stronger connection to the wider data community.

In 2012 we acquired a new image with a modernised logo and a streamlined web site.

In 2017 following a number of serious issues with DAMA International, IRMAC voted to disaffiliate from that organization.

Information Management is at the forefront of Information Technology and IRMAC is your user group and your access to what is happening and about to happen in the industry.