Meta Data Special Interest Group

What is meta data? Meta data has been defined by different people in many different ways. Often the definition is restricted to the context of a specific application, like a Data Warehouse. Other times it is defined in generic terms such as “Data about Data” that have little meaning to the individual.

The truth is “Meta data is everywhere” and meta data changes with perspective. Meta data is necessary to understand the world around you. Everybody creates it, uses it and shares it without even knowing it. Now with the computer, which enables access to gigabytes and terabytes of data, meta data has become increasingly important. Furthermore, with the trend towards mergers and acquisitions, it is imperative to have a robust meta data management strategy for a developing organisation to be successful.

The Meta Data Special Interest Group explores the broad topic of meta data. The goal is share ideas on meta data management amongst participants and examine how best to utilise meta data to gain business value. Please join us in sharing your experiences and insight into this fascinating and often misunderstood topic.

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Wednesday, December 3, 6 p.m. – Meta Data SIG

  •  Roger T. Burlton, Latest BPM techniques: from Business Strategy to Process Architecture to Process Projects