Data Modelling Contentious Issues

This presentation will summarise the most contentious data modelling issues discussed on the Data Modelling List, a 2500+ subscriber discussion group. These participants represent data modelling practitioners from all over the world, working with a variety of tools, techniques, standards, and cultures. Topics will include:

  • Modelling of Party and Party Roles
  • Surrogate Keys versus Natural Keys
  • Who Has the Final Say on the Data Model
  • What’s Logical and What’s Physical
  • Are Classwords Dead?
  • Data versus Process and What About Objects?
  • Standardized Data Models? What are They Worth?
  • Is that One ‘L’ or Two?

This will be an interactive presentation where each topic will be give a short background presentation, the audience will vote, then issues will be debated and discussed.


Karen L�pezInfo Advisors, is IRMAC Past President. She is also gaining a more wide-spread reputation for a number of data-related discussion groups that she manages and moderates. The Data Modelling List has been particularly successful enjoying spirited contributions and debate from many practising modellers including some well-known thought-leaders.


Karen’s presentation (html)


Feb 21 2001


8:30 am - 11:15 am


The Ontario Club, 5th Floor, Commerce Court South 30 Wellington Street West (Bay and Wellington), Toronto

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