Implementing an International Data Warehouse

The presentation will feature a major initiative from Eli Lilly Canada’s Data Resource Management team – implementing an international Data Warehouse. Later this year, the team will be implementing a Data Warehouse in Brazil similar to one that was implemented in Canada three years ago. The goal is that this implementation will be a pilot for implementing Data Warehouses around the Eli Lilly world based on a common architecture and a common data model. The presentation will be a glimpse at a project about to happen, complete with all of the excitement, naivete and anxiety when one embarks on such a journey.

Topics to be covered:

  • What would possess us to attempt this?
  • Laying the foundation
  • The architecture (Transaction, Operational, Staging Area, Data Warehouse, Data Mart databases)
  • The models (developing, maintaining, and managing the Enterprise Data Model)
  • The players
  • Expectations
  • The Inevitable Politics
  • Expected Issues and anticipated Resolutions




Matthew Ferguson has been in the IT industry for 10 years. Beginning as a programmer/analyst at Sears Canada, in 1990, he quickly turned his attention to data and joined the Data Resource Management team in 1990 as a Data Administrator. In 1994, he moved to CP Rail where they were just forming a Data Architecture team. In 1996, he joined Eli Lilly, an international pharmaceutical firm as a Data Access Consultant. In this capacity, he specialised in ensuring that (Canadian) business users had timely access to complete and accurate data in the Eli Lilly Canada Data Warehouse. Matthew is currently Team Leader for the Data Resource Management Team at Eli Lilly Canada.


May 12 1999


8:30 am - 11:00 am


DAYS INN, 30 Carlton St.

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