Improving Customer Service with Real-time data delivery – a complete solution using active data warehouse, real-time integration, and Business Intelligence through WebServices.

In a competitive marketplace significant completive advantage can be gained by improving customer service. Within a large Canadian company, the key to better service was the collection of all its customer contact information from numerous legacy systems (such as Web requests, trouble tickets, call centre contact etc.). Having an up to date report on customer activity was vital to improving overall satisfaction, but it needed to be up to date (within the last 5 minutes). This posed some interesting challenges for traditional information integration approaches.

To meet this challenge Information Builders and Teradata put a team together that delivered into production, in 2 months, a solution that handles over 100,000 requests per day, with over 3,000 users. The solution used I-Way’s iXTE integration engine to feed data into a Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse were disparate sources were quickly linked. To deliver the information, WebFOCUS was used to develop a simple report that was exposed as a WebService that was used by the front-end application (developed using BEA Weblogic). Key to success was the use of open standards (WSOA) to integrate quickly downstream processing with the interactive front end service applications. In production the WSOA infrastructure is handling all transactions with a 50 percent of requests being returned with sub-second response time, and over 99 percent of requests being returned in less than 4 seconds. An important metric for end-user satisfaction.


Keith Davidson is a Senior Implementation Manager at Information Builders Canada. Mr. Davidson has 15 years of experience managing the delivery of multi-disciplinary projects and has been managing major project initiatives at Information Builders for the last 4 years. Prior to working at Information Builders, Mr. Davidson was IT Manager, Manager of Advanced Computing and Project Manager at ORTECH (formerly the Ontario Research Foundation) and the MEP Company. Mr. Davidson has managed the delivery of international information projects for United Nations, Environment Canada, USEPA and many IT infrastructure and application development initiatives (both as an IT Manager and Consultant). At Information Builders Mr. Davidson manages a senior team of consultants that specialize in Data Quality, Data Integration, Data Migration and Complex Reporting systems.

Allan Morhart is a Certified Teradata Master who has been employed by NCR for 14 years as a Teradata and UNIX Consultant. During this time, his duties have included: database & UNIX consultant, instructor and support analyst for numerous retail, financial, telecommunications and data warehouse projects. He has successfully implemented many Data Warehouses throughout the world working on various projects in many different countries. Mr. Morhart is a graduate of the University of Waterloo with an Honours Bachelor of Math, Major in Computer Science degree, and has over sixteen years experience in the Information Processing Industry using a variety of Mainframe, Network and PC-based systems.

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