Putting Business Rules to Work

by Ronald G. Ross, Editor, Data Base Newsletter

Business rules offer exciting new opportunities for the business. Among these are the means to enable faster changes to business policy, in order to improve adaptability. Business rules also offer unprecedented opportunities for closing the requirements gap between end-users and IT, and for providing better leverage for sponsors over IT projects.

Overall, a business rules approach always keeps the focus on why – why certain data, why certain workflows, and why certain rules.

In this presentation, Mr. Ross outlines the advantages of a business rule approach. He explains the latest thinking about business rules, explaining what they are, how they work, and what problems they address. He relates business rules to data models, business events, and business procedures, indicating the impact and advantages they hold for each.

Following this, Mr. Ross explores the business motivation for business rules. He introduces the concept of a Policy Charter, and outlines a business-oriented approach to creating it, based on business tactics and the analysis of risks. He explains what the Policy Charter will mean to you and your Sponsor, and what new opportunities it offers. Finally, Mr. Ross suggests what you can do to put business rules to work for your company.

  • Is Your Requirements Process Broken?
  • What You Need To Know about Business Rules
  • Instructional Systems: The New Thinking About Work
  • Developing the Policy Charter
  • The Business Motivation for Core Business Rules
  • Business Rules and Application Packages

Ronald G. Ross is a noted industry authority and consultant. He has been the editor of Data Base Newsletter since 1977, and is the author of five books on information system development, including The Business Rule Book: Classifying, Defining and Modeling Rules (1994) and Entity Modeling: Techniques and Applications (1987). By many accounts, he was the earliest proponent of the business rule approach. Mr Ross is widely respected for his in-depth knowledge of database design and systems development techniques, and is known for the clarity of his writings and presentations.


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