The Art of Business Design and its Impact on Information Systems Design – Future Directions

Russ Milland will describe the framework for a simple elegant approach to business design. He believes that the term “business process re-engineering” is highly misleading as you can not re-engineer something that typically wasn’t engineered (designed purposefully) in the first place. He also believes that we will soon have powerful graphical design tools to match those that many other professions already possess. In future, we must equip multi-disciplinary teams with common tool sets if we are to address the poor track record of business change initiatives.

Key to success is the establishment of a solid set of design principles and generic models as foundations for business systems design. These business designs must include excellent designs for both the enterprise’s resource structure designs (which drive the design of our entity-relationship models) and business (process) designs (which drive the design of procedures, programs, methods and other rules structures).

At the end of this session, the audience will understand a number of basic design principles which can be applied in many different situations to create order from the chaos all too common in efforts to improve business systems performance. The audience will also gain insight into a future for business systems design where business systems and information systems design will be much more rapid and much less costly.

Russ Milland, ISP, is a 30 year veteran in the Information Systems business. As Information Resource Manager at Imperial Oil Limited in the 1980’s, he provided strategic leadership to their major information systems architecture design initiatives. More recently, he was the Director of Information Systems for AlliedSignal Aerospace Canada. In recent years, he has been involved in numerous business process re-engineering initiatives at these companies and several others. He is currently an independent consultant working on assignment at the Canada Life Assurance Company. He also acts as a business advisor to both Ontario’s Information Technology Research Centre and the University of Toronto’s Enterprise Integration Laboratories (previously featured at IRMAC)


Feb 12 1997


8:30 am - 11:00 am


Howard Johnson's Westbury Plaza, 475 Yonge Street (one block north of College)

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