Job Advertisements Conditions

Responsibilities of IRMAC

  • As a service to members IRMAC will, at our discretion, accept job advertisements for Data Management personnel.
  • IRMAC cannot vouch for its accuracy of information contained within advertisements.

Responsibilities of the Advertiser

  • Advertisements and inquiries should be sent to the Publisher
  • Advertisements must list the full contact details (mail/e-mail/phone/ web-site) of the person or organisation to be contacted.
  • Advertisements must state clearly that responses be directed to the person/organisation placing the ad.
  • The cost per advertisement (containing one or more positions) is $100.00 (no tax) for each month from date of posting. Payments may be made online or by cheque, payable to the Information Resource Management Association of Canada, and posted to P.O. Box 5639, Station A, Toronto, Ontario M5W 1N8, CANADA. (The above is in Canadian Dollars, we will alternatively accept US$100).

Responsibilities of the Publisher

  • The IRMAC Communications Director, will act as Publisher of job advertisements on behalf of the advertising organisation.
  • Jobs will be posted on the IRMAC web site  and, at a timing determined by the Publisher, a summary will be distributed over IRMAC’s mailing list.
  • Advertisements will be formatted in a manner determined by the Publisher
  • The publisher is not responsible for correspondence between employers and potential employees.