Speaking Opportunities

Well, not so much how to speak, as how to speak to IRMAC at one of our meetings.

Who are we?

The Information Resource Management Association of Canada (IRMAC) is dedicated to sharing knowledge regarding Information Resource Management concepts and practices. Our membership consists of approximately 100-150 systems professionals working in data management or related areas. Most are practitioners: though industry suppliers are also represented. We encourage our own members to share their experiences with others through the association.

Where do we meet?

Meetings are typically on the third Wednesday of every month (from September to June) at a convenient Toronto location. See the meeting announcement for details. Attendance can vary considerably: usually in the range of 15-25 attendees. Meetings can be very informal with a number of questions from the floor.

Your equipment needs

Speakers are contacted in advance to prepare an abstract of the talk’s content, some background information on the speaker and (if available) a web address for more information on the subject or the company. This will be distributed via our mailing list about two weeks before the meeting, though we like to prepare it at least a month in advance. Please tell us whatever equipment you require. We usually provide a PC projector and a large screen. Other equipment, such as flip charts, can normally be provided. Most presenters prefer to provide ‘soft’ copies (e.g. Powerpoint or pdf) of presentations rather than bringing bulky copies of presentation materials to the meeting. You can host the information yourself or we can host it on our web site. Please supply the information in advance or at the meeting.

Special Interest Groups

The purpose of a Special Interest Group (or SIG), as its name suggests, is to focus on a topic that is narrower than the interests of the main body to which the SIG is attached. From time-to-time interest in particular topics become so intense that closer communication is appropriate. Our Data Warehouse Special Interest Group ran for almost 15 years and was instrumental in developing the specialty in the Toronto area. Other SIGs have focussed on Metadata and on Enterprise Information Management.

What's in it for me

IRMAC is a small society, run by enthusiasts, and we do not normally reimburse our speakers. Please speak to our Programme Director if you have expenses that you incur that you cannot recover from other sources. All our speakers will however be given a small IRMAC gift as a memento. Thank-you for considering speaking to our group. We know that previous speakers have found it rewarding. For further details please contact our Programme Director or any Board Member. More information on Toronto attractions and accommodations may be found here