Volunteer with IRMAC

IRMAC is a volunteer-run organization, and we are always looking for new faces to help out!  We need volunteers to help out with a range of activities, including supporting our speaker events, prep courses, educational resources, and other opportunities.

Board Positions

We are also looking to fill board positions for our 2021-2022 year.  If you are interested in joining our board, send an email to president@irmac.ca

There are two open positions we are looking to fill:

Vice President

IRMAC’s Vice President acts as the organization’s chief operating officer and is responsible for coordinating the day-to-day activities of the Association.  The Vice President is considered the “President Elect” and will take over the President position after a year in the role.  Duties of the Vice President include:

  • Running the monthly IRMAC board meetings where we plan our monthly events and activities
  • Manage some of the day-to-day operational activities of IRMAC
  • Work with other members of the board to support their responsibilities

Publicity Director

The Publicity Director is responsible for promoting the Association to its members and to the business community.  The duties of the Publicity Director include:

  • Managing general promotion and publicity of the organization, including maintaining IRMAC’s information brochure and membership information package
  • Design, produce, and update IRMAC promotional materials
  • Arranging for advertising in newsletters and industry journals


The Member-At-Large takes on other duties to assist other board members at their discretion and as help is needed.  This is a good position for you if you are interested in understanding the various activities of the different IRMAC board positions or if you can’t make a large time commitment!