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    • 20 Oct 2022
    • 10:30 AM
    • 21 Oct 2022
    • 8:00 PM
    • Virtual Event
    Canadian DAMA Days, is a 2 days National Data Management/Governance/Analytics Conference, that will be held simultaneously in five provinces across Canada by seven DAMA Chapters affiliated with DAMA International and representing regions containing 71% of the total population of Canada.  This will be a hybrid virtual/in-person delivery so that members from all Canada chapters can attend the virtual events.

    The audience will include  professionals from all areas of Data Management including Data Analysts, Data Architects, Data Governance Analysts, Data Protection & Security Professionals, Developers, Data Warehouse Specialists, Data Visualization Professionals, Machine Learning Engineers, Business Intelligence Professionals, and Artificial Intelligence Developers.

    Find additional information on the event here: https://ddcanada.org/

    The following schedule is still being tweaked.

    Talk Host City

     Calgary  Edmonton Ottawa
     Toronto  Vancouver

    Thursday October 20th, 2022

     Time(EST)  Track1  Track2  Track3
     10:00  Mario Cantin
    Lean AI Governance
     11:00  Kimberly Nevala
     Decision Intelligence - Putting Insight Into Action - SAS
     Trudy Curtis
    Data's Troubling Affair with Technology
     12:00  Chan Beauvais
    Costco - Data Analytics
     Karen Lopez
    Intro to the Azure Data Platform
     Steve Liang
    Director of the GeoSensorWeb Laboratory
     12:50  networking  networking  networking
     01:15  Deborah Henderson
    How and Why to get Data Management Certified
     Bradley Jensen
    The changing role of Data Scientists - Centric Consulting, ICCP
     02:15  break and networking   break and networking   break and networking
     03:00  Charles Buchanan
    Technology for Good
     Daniel Haight
    Visualization of Data Analytics
     Frank Kadwell
    Ethics in AI & ML
     04:00  Ellen Brown (DAMA Ottawa) - CDO Round Table
    The Data Driven Future
     Blair Kjenner & Kewal Dhariwal
    Mobilizing Data Integration Through Governance, Keys and Models
     04:50  networking  networking  networking
     05:15  Dylan Miles
    Data Palooza
     James Saikin
    Blockchain Hyper Ledger & Future
     06:15  Bruce Matichuk
    AI Driven Health Gauge Systems

    Friday October 21st, 2022

     Time(EST)  Track1  Track2  Track3
     09:00  Melanie Mecca
    Head in the Clouds, Feet on the Ground – Creating a Data Quality Strategy
     10:00  Howard Diesel
    Building a Data Career Strategy
     Douglas Laney
    Advanced Infonomics: Understanding and Applying the Economics of Information
     11:00  Dr. Peter Aiken
    Data Ethics
     12:00  Barbara Cohn
    Role of the CDO
     Lewis Eisen
    "I Love My Org's Data Policies", Said No One
     Alec Sharp
    DG - You Can't Govern what you don't Model
     12:50  networking   networking   networkiFFCC99ng
     01:15  Collibra
    A Fascinating Customer DG Story
     Alvin Francis
    Business Analytics at IBM
     Simon Pane
    Considering the Cloud, Key Things to Know in Advance
     2:15  break and networking
     03:00  Bill Inmon
    Draining the Data Lake Swamp
     Jeff Johnson
    DG - POS - Point of Sale uncontrolled
     Bruce McCartney
    Leveraging Data Vault for Better Answers,Capturing Knowledge, and Decision Making
     04:00  John Bottega - Pres, EDM Council
    DM Frameworks - What Does the Well-Dressed DM Program Look Like?
     Stephane Contre
    Data & Analytics - A Crime Reduction Strategy
     Prashanth Southekal
    Transitioning to Insight from Dat99CC66a Strategies
     04:50  networking  networking  networking
     05:15  Andrew Andrews - Adalaide, Australia
    The Human Factor of Data Governance
     Roman Eisner & Clayton Thomas
    Innovative Case Studies: Text Depot & Public Safety Analytics Progam

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