AI Meets IRM

“A genius is a person who has two great ideas”

J. Bronowski, Ascent Of Man.

Such is the case when IRM unites with Artificial Intelligence.

AI data mining magically discovers golden nuggets of bottom-line profits from complex masses of data. AI expert system knowledge base rules fire into action on the basis of correctly arranged and aligned data model structures. AI neural networks apply their ability to learn and uncover rewarding patterns from large amounts of properly established data. AI genetic algorithms model biological principles of heredity, environment and evolution to interactively evolve innovative and insightful solutions from large quantities of data. And AI natural language paradigms aspire to converse by translating raw data into human communication.

There is a burgeoning frontier of opportunities to engage AI as a powerful ally of IRM. Understand their application and go for the gold.

Speaker Biography

Your speaker and session leader, Harry Mingail, Principal and Senior AI Consultant, applies his 25 years of experience for AI Mentor Corp. of Toronto.

  • regular column for 2 years of Computer World (formerly ‘direct access’) on the systems development lifecycle (eg. OO, IE) as well as associated project & general management
  • AI column for Computing Canada
  • Speaker for a number of organisations eg. Planning Forum, Ont Govt DB SIG, CICA, IIA, EDP Auditors Association, etc
  • Assignments including: AI tool selection, AI opportunity analysis, interim/project management, IE/OO analysis, establishing organisations (IRM, AI), developing customised SDLC/project management methodologies, etc.

Contact Information

Harry Mingail
Neucom Management Systems


Go for the Gold- An Overview of the 1996 DAMA International Symposium

The 1996 DAMA International Symposium was held April 22-24 in Chicago, Illinois. The symposium theme was ‘Go for the Gold: In Quest of IRM Excellence’. Supporting this theme were three tracks: Synchronized Swimming, Hurdles, and Freestyle. This talk explores the highlights of the quest for IRM excellence in Chicago, and gives a review of the symposium.

Speaker Biography

Lesley Harschnitz has been with Dofasco Inc. for 16 years. She is currently a Senior Software Analyst in the Information Systems department. She has worked for the past three years in data administration, and information quality. Prior to that, she spent several years in information delivery and decision support.


Sep 11 1996


8:30 am - 11:30 am


Howard Johnson's Westbury Plaza, 475 Yonge Street (one block north of College)

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