Big Data Symposium – Constructing a data driven business

Not many understand the nuts and bolts of the modern data driven business. Why is a modern data stack relevant for an organization? This symposium is meant to get a closer look at the power of Big Data and what it can do to solve some complex business challenges. Attendees will be presented with business use cases, opportunities and challenges. Specific layers of the data stack will be examined and discussed. Live demonstrations will be conducted to provide the audience with first hand knowledge, understanding and appreciation of how these technologies work. Most importantly, attendees will take away how a digitally data driven organization can be constructed. We will end the symposium with a tour of Pivotal Labs and see first hand developers at work.

  1. Where we are and how we got here
  2. Pivotal Introduction and Data Suite Overview
  3. Data Lake Use Case: Overview and Use Cases
  4. In Memory Data Grid: Overview, Use Cases and Demo
  5. Hadoop and HAWQ: Overview, Use Cases and Demo
  6. Spring XD Use Case: Overview, Use Cases and Demo
  7. Greenplum Use Case: Overview, Use Cases and Demo
  8. Real Time Analytics: Overview, Use Cases and Demo
  9. Overview how applications can use all this data with PAAS (platform as a service)

Several accomplished presenters who have expertise in Data Lake, Data Science, Big Data, Analytics will speak at this symposium. Speakers include Product Manager, Core Engineer, Data Scientist and several Field Engineers. They will share their knowledge of business challenges, architecture, development, implementation and testing of several high profile clients.


Oct 29 2014


8:30 am - 12:00 pm

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