Bitnobi – Secure Sharing of Big Data

York University researchers (see have created a new technology that enables the precision sharing of segmented data. The platform was built on the “need to share” as opposed to the “need to know”. This enables the data provider to be in control of who can access what but more importantly raw data will never leave the data provider’s premise. Only aggregate data is passed back after the platform verifies that the data user’s data job meets the security/privacy requirements of the data provider. It is a data sharing/distribution platform that allows a data user/analyzer to execute data jobs one or more data sets from a data provider in a manner that is simple and easy to use. Furthermore, the platform enables end users to choose the data they want to use instead of sifting an entire data source. This technology can help streamline the data sharing within an organization in a manner that secure and privacy protected. The bigger opportunity is to enable access of data with third parties.


As a commercialization manager at MaRS Innovation, Hassan Jaferi divides his time between projects located in York University’s Innovation York office and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre’s Technology Transfer office, located in the Sunnybrook Research Institute. He conducts due diligence on invention disclosures, aids in patent application preparation and prosecution, executes business development for early-stage technologies, helps to manage start-up companies, and pursues public and private funding to advance early-stage research projects. Hassan holds a M.Sc. in space management from the International Space University in Strasbourg, France, and a B.Sc. in computer engineering from the University of Ottawa.


Hassan Jaferi, Bitnobi – Secure Sharing of Big Data
Mark Shtern, Bradley Simmons, Michael Smit, Toward an Ecosystem for Precision Sharing of Segmented Big Data (IEEE access required)
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Feb 15 2017


4:15 pm - 6:00 pm


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