Business Rules – Getting It Right

This month IRMAC offers a unique opportunity to compare and contrast two leading edge tools for business analysis and system design. Our continuing quest is to seek accurate and flexible capture of Business Rules: for therein lies our future.

ProVision is ideally suited to defining complete, accurate and useable business requirements by seamlessly integrating both business process and object analysis. It allows the business people to document their processes, and expand and detail those models with object analysis. The results can be used to go forward into either conventional or object oriented development with a variety of different development tools.

Dave Penner’s 25 years in the computer industry covers management, sales and technical roles, as well as earlier user experience in both technical and management positions. New Venture Technogies is the Canadian distributor for ProVision.

IRMAC members may be pleasantly surprised to find a Toronto-based developer leading the market with an advanced toolset. Omni*Builder is a powerful repository-driven application generator. The Open Repository will capture business, application, implementation and technology models permitting changes to various components while at the same time managing the integrity of the overall application. It supports teamwork, multi-tier development and Internet access, allowing developers and user access via the World Wide Web.

Ralph Hanner is the President and Founder of OmniSphere – specialising in Information Engineering and development tools for relational database and object-oriented environments. Joining Raplh will be Jeff Shea, Sales Manager.


Apr 09 1997


8:30 am - 11:00 am


Howard Johnson's Westbury Plaza, 475 Yonge Street (one block north of College)

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