Business Value of Information

Almost 10 years after the Information Paradox was first conceived, we struggle with the same question. What is the value of Information Technology? The book, which went on to become a best seller also presented us with another reality – one that we are only starting to come to grips with.

It sounds like such a simple equation. The value we attach to information technology is intrinsically linked to the value of information. How does one establish the value of information? And how do we deliver on that promise of value? How do we get better at it?

It’s easy to see this as an information technology problem. But who really loses if we fail to meet this challenge – understanding, measuring and delivering on the value of information? The business loses. In a global, hypercompetitive world, how do our businesses survive and prosper without harnessing the value of information.

This presentation will address:

  • The real roots of the problem of understanding and measuring the value of information
  • Practical approaches and solutions for addressing the problems
  • Real life examples of ways in which companies are addressing these issues
  • New developments in technology which will help us conquer the problems of harnessing the power of information within our enterprises.


Jim Love is a Managing Partner with True North Consulting. True North focuses on helping companies achieve lasting and measurable performance improvements. Jim has had a long consulting career with senior roles at Ernst and Young, DMR Group and its successor, Fujitsu Consulting.

His clients have included well know international firms like Cisco Systems, Bell Canada, Inco, the Royal Bank and a host of others in North America, Europe and Asia. As well, Jim finds time to work with and nurture small entrepreneurial businesses through his association with the University of Waterloo’s Innovate program.

For a number of years, Jim has been on the cutting edge in both understanding and harnessing the value of information and information technology. Most recently he has developed a process called “Decision Mapping” as a way of measuring and leveraging the linkages between information and its value to the corporation.

This passion for value goes back some many years. Prior to co-founding True North, he managed the global practice at the former DMR Consulting in the area of Enterprise Value Management. As part of his overall global responsibilities, Jim managed the group which developed the best seller “The Information Paradox” – a group that went on to make many inroads in the area of establishing and leveraging the value of information technology.

Prior to that Jim held a number of senior positions in both IT and business roles primarily in the financial services industry. He holds the designation CMC (Certified Management Consultant) and is an active member of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants. He is a sought after speaker, writer and commentator.


If you’d like a copy of Jim Love’s presentation, please contact him at


Dec 15 2004


8:30 am - 11:30 am


The Ontario Club, 5th Floor, Commerce Court South 30 Wellington Street West (Bay and Wellington), Toronto

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