Challenges in Metadata Integration: BMO Financial Group Case Study

BMO Financial Group’s metadata journey is now heading to a new challenge. It is necessary to create a metadata integration strategy and standard to ensure different types of sources are brought together to provide a holistic business and technical value to the enterprise where the total is expected to be greater than the sum of the parts.

  • What is metadata integration?
  • How BMO strategize the integration?
  • Where we are having success and where the challenges persist?
  • Who is getting benefits from this?
  • Why this strategy sounds good?


Ron Klein is the 2007 Wilshire Metadata Best Practices Award Winner as lead Metadata practitioner at BMO Financial Group. He plays a leading role in enabling the organization to leverage the value of information assets by providing the facilities to determine what information the bank has, it’s meaning, where it is, how it got there and how to use the information asset. He consults, promotes and raises awareness regarding information sharing, reuse and information best practices. Dr. Klein has been working with metadata since early Decision Support Systems and Data Warehouse projects. He is an excellent communicator and has taught data modelling and data management courses through Ryerson University and speaks regularly at international industry events, DAMA functions and Metadata Conferences. Ron is the past 2006/2007 Programme Director at IRMAC and an MIT-Sloan School of Management fellow.



Jan 21 2009


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