Competency Dimensions: The Human Side of Data Resource Management

How to achieve 100% employee retention

100% employee retention is unlikely – how can it be achieved?

You will learn how to assess:

  1. Ability
  2. Character – testing, test risks, testimonials
  3. Development Markers – Dimensions of character – Genesis of character. – Group development model – Phases of Relationship
  4. General model based upon phases of relationship.
  5. The breakdown of the Fa�ade before The Emergence of Work.
  6. Determining phase of relationship through language and non-verbal behaviour.
  7. The general tool for moving a group through phases.
  8. The specific tools for Difficult Character

Measurements will be discussed for:

  • IQ types
  • Presentation ability
  • Character types
  • Validity & Usefulness

A sample test of non-verbal intelligence will be presented.


Ray Maxwell Dynamic Teambuilders Inc.
Recruitment, Placement, Coaching, Teambuilding


Mar 19 2003


8:30 am - 11:30 am


The Ontario Club, 5th Floor, Commerce Court South 30 Wellington Street West (Bay and Wellington), Toronto

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