Data Literacy and the Perceived Failure of Data Management

Return to the basics and forward to the future – Human and Data: Should we re-think what ‘Data’ really is? – triggered by:

  • Recent development in Machine learning/Artificial Intelligence
  • Persistent and stubborn issues remain in the Data Management as we know it

Human and Data – the intimate and inseparable relationship since humans are born:

  • A scientific definition about Data – Human in the Loop
  • The Data as the input to, and output from, Humans
  • Never ending loop (convoluted) of the learning and decision making

It is a science? – the cognitive science, we need to know a bit.

Reflection on Data and Reality – three kinds Data in existence:

  • Some misconceptions in Data Management when we talk about the ‘Data’ and ‘Reality’
  • The impact of the new definition of Data

Some brief discussion on what are needed in the next version of DAMA-DMBOK.

Why we need both the ‘Data Literacy’ and the new scope of Data Management as we know it.


Ben Hu is the Director of DAMA China (HK), a not-for-profit data management professional organization affiliated with DAMA International (

Formerly, Mr. Hu was the Chief Technology Officer at the World Bank, responsible for the overall corporate information technology architectural design, development, delivery and operation supporting the World Bank’s strategy and mission, and later the CIO/Advisor at the Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong, Commissioner at China Securities Regulatory Commission, and Senior IT Advisor at China National Council for Social Security Fund, in Beijing.

As voluntary effort, he was invited to join the Advisory Board of DAMA International and later became its VP on Data Standards. His recent interest and focus have been heavily oriented towards the next generation of Data Management, i.e. the complex interaction between Human, Data and Machine, especially the cognitive process between Human and Data.

Mr. Hu holds a BS degree in Physics, MS in Computer Science, did graduate study on Biophysics and completed an Executive Development Program jointly designed by Harvard, Stanford and INSEAD on Strategy, Change Management, Accounting and Finance.


Aug 19 2020


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