Data Warehousing at LCBO

Tom Stanley will present Data Warehousing at LCBO. Topics will include:

  • An overview of LCBO
  • The audience for Data Warehousing
  • Data Warehouse analytics
  • Hardware and Software
  • Data Architecture

Following non-alcoholic refreshments, Bob Collins will present a case study to show how integrating data from proprietary surveys with analysis of internal and external databases optimizes marketing and retailing decisions.


Tom Stanley is the Manager, Information Resource Management for LCBO. With a team of 11, Tom is responsible for the Data Warehouse (Information Library), Database Administration and Data Administration services. Tom has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Manitoba and has held various I.T. positions at the Canadian Wheat Board, Molson Breweries and LCBO.

Bob Collins joined the LCBO as Director of Customer Insights after holding database analysis, market research and marketing positions in the retail and financial sectors. The Customer Insights Group provides analysis to the organization using survey research, location planning and customer database analysis, with the Information Library being a key resource.


Nov 10 1999


8:30 am - 11:30 am


DAYS INN, 30 Carlton St.

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