DataOPs and Change Management

Using Value Stream and Capability Maps to Speak the Same Language

This talk will introduce two methods you can use to define, discover and communicate risks and opportunities, regardless of what team, department or silo you find yourself in. We’ll examine visual representations of valuable data you can use to have productive conversations, make confident decisions, and align towards making real progress. Audience takeaways:

  • How to use Value Stream Maps and Capability Maps to speak the same language across business and tech
  • How to build actionable, data-driven maps that make the path clear to everyone
  • How to use maps to confidently decide what to tackle and how


Steve Pereira is a long time DevOps fan and organizer of Toronto’s largest DevOps meetup and community conference. He’s been working in process automation since 2001, most recently a founding SaaS CTO and now founder of Visible helping organizations define and transform their value streams.

Yvonne Ruke Akpoveta is a Change Strategist & Advisor, and Change Leadership Advocate with over 20 years of experience helping executives, professionals and organizations to navigate and transition through change, most especially in today’s disruptive environment.
She is the founder of The Change Leadership, a series of events and conferences focused on preparing leaders, change professionals and organizations to better respond to change in today’s fast-paced and disruptive business environment. And in so doing, positively impact and benefit their surrounding communities and the economy.

Deborah Henderson is the current president of IRMAC and the Data Governance Advisor for First San Francisco Partners. She has many years of experience in data governance and will be our moderator for the night.


Mar 18 2020


4:50 pm - 7:00 pm

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