Does IT Pay?

Does your investment in Information Technology provide real returns? Can you measure and prove benefit ? And could you further improve on those benefits?

Our topic for April is ‘Benefits Realisation’ – a leading edge technique for improving any organisation’s ability to deliver results through its IT investment. Benefits Realisation has been acknowledged by the Gartner Group as new and ‘unique’.

Russell Caple is an acknowledged expert in defining performance metrics and in using them to track the benefits accruing (or not) to an organisation. Mr Caple has been instrumental in the corporate research and development to design, develop and pilot a benefits methodology and tool. As Benefits Realisation Director at DMR, Mr Caple has led a series of benefits engagements for major private sector and government clients in the United Kingdom and North America. He is a leader in his field and has been invited to speak at client conferences worldwide.

IRMAC is very pleased that Russell Caple has made available the time to present this important topic to us – we’re convinced that you will ‘benefit’..


May 14 1997


8:30 am - 11:15 am


Howard Johnson's Westbury Plaza, 475 Yonge Street (one block north of College)

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