Enabling an Enterprise Customer View

Financial services and insurance firms are looking for new ways to improve their bottom line by improving their ability to sell to and service their customers. While many firms have years of valuable customer data at their disposal, too often they cannot leverage the data because it is too fragmented — located in multiple legacy systems. Tactical or departmental customer relationship management (CRM) systems, have further complicated this problem, creating even more systems to manage and further distributing customer data across the enterprise.

Firms need a new way to access their valuable customer data and achieve an enterprise customer view. Enterprise CRM systems provide firms with a centralized way to access and take action on their customer data. In this session, we will discuss how enterprise CRM can be used to transform organizations by integrating customer data across lines of business and sharing it according to sophisticated privacy and compliance rules. Industry leading firms are adopting these new technologies to transform their traditional, account-centric customer data into customer-centric data, so they can maximize the value of each customer by improving cross-sell and upsell of their products and services and delivering a consistent customer experience across the enterprise.


David W. Shepherd, Senior Vice President of Technology and Chief Technology Officer at NexJ Systems, is responsible for defining and executing the technology vision of NexJ Systems. Prior to NexJ Systems, he held the positions of Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President, Janna Systems; Vice President, Technology, Siebel Systems; Senior Management Consultant in Advanced Technology, Andersen Consulting; and Strategic Technical Advisor at Triple G Systems Group. Mr. Shepherd brings more than 20 years of technology experience in enterprise CRM leadership to NexJ Systems.


David Shepherd, Enabling an Enterprise Customer View


Apr 17 2013


8:30 am - 11:30 pm


The Albany Club, 91 King Street East (King/Yonge subway ), Toronto

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