Enterprise Architecture: Infrastructure and Integration


Enterprise Architecture is built with models as a house is built with stones, but a collection of models is no more an Enterprise Architecture than a heap of stones is a house.
(with apologies to Poincar�)

Enterprise Architecture in large organizations is more like City Planning than constructing a building. EA can provide today’s business an adaptable infrastructure and an integrated business and information framework that can provide business advantage. But, EA is a process, not a deliverable, and to gain these benefits a program office, sophisticated tools and a repository must support EA.

The EA repository must provide for the integration of the various component models and the ability to track relationships across them. This talk will present an overview of an integrated Enterprise Architecture, its structure and components.

  • What does Architecture mean anyway?
  • How does architecture relate to Information Management?
  • How is Enterprise Architecture different than Information Architecture?
  • How can this solve business problems?
  • What do I need to watch out for in developing Enterprise Architectures?

Brett Champlin will discuss the evolution from Systems Architecture to Information Architecture to Integrated or Holistic Enterprise Architecture and what it means today. To put it in context, he will first discuss the core concepts from classical building architectures. He will show how architectural concepts can be applied to information management and how this has evolved over the last 10 years. Then he will talk about some of the ways he have applied these concepts to solve various business problems, and also talk about lessons learned in building the various components of integrated enterprise architectures.


Brett Champlin is an Architecture Consultant with Allstate Insurance Company in Northbrook, IL. He has over 20 years of experience working in Information Management. He has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Roosevelt University and an MBA with concentrations in Information Management and Finance from Illinois Institute of Technology. Brett is a Certified Computing Professional (CCP) with proficiencies in Information Management, Systems Development, Software Engineering and Data Resource Management. He has been a Senior Lecturer in the undergraduate Computer Science Department and the graduate Business Management Department at Roosevelt University for the past 15 years.

Brett has been a speaker for the International 3 Tier Distributed Computing Environment Users Group’s (i3D), Sterling Software’s Advanced Technology Summit, the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), Delphi Group’s Knowledge Management Conference, DAMA International Symposia, and at DAMA Chicago. He is currently the Past President of DAMA Chicago and Vice President Online Services for DAMA International. He was a contributor to the publication, “Guidelines for Implementing Data Resource Management”, produced by DAMA Chicago and published by DAMA International.


Brett’s presentation (zipped PowerPoint 113k)


Sep 13 2000


8:30 am - 11:30 am


The Ontario Club, 5th Floor, Commerce Court South 30 Wellington Street West (Bay and Wellington)

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