First Things First – Making the Elephant Dance

Presented by Ron Shelby,
General Director, Data Management and Warehousing Acting Chief Technology Officer,
General Motors Corporation
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As we turn the page of history to a new century, General Motors, the world’s largest manufacturer, is also turning to a new page in its history. GM is moving from a make and sell approach to a sense and respond business model. While easy to say, this fundamental shift in GM’s business model will cause it to redo its use of information services. Ron will outline GM’s approach to “making the elephant dance” through better information knowledge sharing in a web-enabled world




Ron Shelby leads General Motors Corporation data management and data warehousing function. Based in Detroit, Michigan, Ron is responsible for planning and deploying databases and decision support solutions supporting GM’s $170 billion business. He is also serving as acting Chief Technology Officer for General Motors Corporation.

Ron started his 23 years in information technology in Toronto as project manager at Travelers Insurance (Canada) in 1976. He established Travelers Canada data management function in 1980, and led the rollout of their nationwide office automation effort.

Later, he moved to consulting as a Principal with American Management Systems. While at AMS he helped American Express, Ameritech Publishing, the Environmental Protection Agency, Illinois Bell, Ameritech Services, Mobil Corporation, and the US Department of the Treasury, architect and deliver new information systems aligned with their businesses.

At Connecticut Mutual Ron led the implementation of the company’s “One Image” database environment, as well as managing the information systems development for the company’s investment and finance functions. The systems work of Connecticut Mutual was recognised in 1994 when business sponsor Janice Scites was awarded the Carnegie-Melon Golden Globe Award for excellence in managing information technology.

Prior to moving to General Motors, Ron was Vice President of Data Warehousing for American Express Corporation. At AMEX he led the implementation of a global data warehousing environment supporting US and European business units.

Ron was co-founder of NCR DAMA Chapter, and later served as President of DAMA International. He has also served as President of  IRMAC (1984), and was a member of the International Standards Organisation’s working committee on programming languages that authored the SQL database language standard.

Ron speaks from time-to-time at information systems conferences across the United States and Canada, and has been featured in training videos by James Martin Institute and the Computer Channel.


Oct 13 1999


8:30 am - 11:00 am


DAYS INN, 30 Carlton St.

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