Fundamentals of Database Archiving

This presentation will cover the fundamentals of database archiving and contrast it to other forms of data archiving. Archiving expert, Jack Olsen, will show how to identify ideal applications for database archiving and how to build your business case. He will discuss the organizational and territorial issues involved in setting up a such a practice. Additionally, he will:

  • Identify the driving forces that make you want Database Archiving,
  • Show the form of the ideal solution for database archiving, and
  • Outline common homegrown practices: both successful and unsuccessful


Jack Olsen has recently published a new book entitled “Database Archiving: How to Keep Lots of Data for a Very Long Time”.  He has recently completed two webinars on the topic for SNIA (Storage Networking Industry Association).  He has also formed a new company, SvalTech ( that is dedicated to advancing the technology of database archiving.

Database Archiving is a relatively new technology for data management professionals.  Gartner believes it is in its infancy and will become a major technology over the next few years.   Jack is the leading expert in the field.

Jack has been a frequent speaker at DAMA Chapter meetings in the past and recipient of a National Award from DAMA International.



Sep 16 2009


8:30 am - 11:30 am


The Rostie Group, WaterPark Place, 20 Bay Street, 12th Floor, Toronto.

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