Future Directions

IRMAC has been promoting strong information management practices for over 40 years. Recently various trends have affected our group profoundly and we have been challenged to maintain our membership and meeting attendance. Ironically, at the same time, in the industry and in the media, the importance of proper management of information is more recognised than ever.

As an association we are exploring opportunities to fix the situation and we need your input on a number of options that we have been exploring. These include:

  • Moving from a membership to a sponsorship model whereby different companies sponsor various events.
  • Charging a per session fee instead of an annual fee
  • Hosting our monthly meetings at different locations including universities, shared working spaces etc. (within core downtown.
  • Expanding the topics we focus on. For example, devops, digital transformation.
  • Improving networking opportunities.
  • Introducing a mentoring programme so that the current IRMAC membership (which has decades of data related experience) can share their experience with the younger generation. This would keep our organisation relevant, expand networking opportunities, and help us each locate talent (which all of us are finding difficult to locate).
  • Redesigning the web-site for better streaming of past sessions, storing presentations and exchanging information and knowledge.

This will be a facilitated interactive session that

  • Will consider what opportunities there are for us to grow and meet the new market needs.
  • Identify the most feasible approach (or approaches) to take us forward.
  • Make specific proposal’s to be put to the association’s Lunch meeting in June (this year this will also serve as our AGM).

Who should attend:

  • Experienced information professionals, especially those who have supported us in the past.
  • Anyone with thoughts on how a group like this can be more successful.
  • Those with ideas who would like to share their opinions with others.


Apr 18 2018


4:15 pm - 6:00 pm


The Albany Club, 91 King Street East (near King/Yonge subway), Toronto, ON M5C 1G3.

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