Graeme Simsion Seminars

IRMAC is pleased to announce two seminars from international data management leader and writer, Graeme Simsion. Registration has now closed.

Data Modelling Masterclass (June 18-19)

Graeme will cover a wide range of important strategic, management and technical issues on Data Modelling including:

  • Clarifying the boundaries and deliverables
  • Demonstrating the value of data modelling
  • The role of specialist data modellers � what they need to know
  • Language and notations
  • Quality criteria for data models
  • Resolving differences amongst models and modellers
  • Working with different approaches � including agile methods
  • Building data modelling into project plans
  • Selecting and getting value from tools
  • Engaging the business � and getting informed input
  • Conceptual, Logical and Physical � defining boundaries and responsibilities
  • Working with DBAs and clarifying responsibilities
  • The role of enterprise models
  • How a data architecture team can add value

He�ll also offer clear direction on resolving some of the detailed technical issues that come up again and again � and how to communicate the reasons to others:

  • Choice of keys
  • Choosing the right level of generalization
  • The time dimension
  • Representing rules
  • Implementation of subtypes
  • Normalization (including clear guidance on handling the higher normal forms)

Consulting Skills Workshop (20 June)

As every data professional knows, the toughest part of the job is engaging the business: understanding their requirements, winning their support, and meeting their expectations. These are consulting skills � and even if you�re �only� providing services within your own organization, you�re a consultant � like it or not! Many of the techniques that the best external consultants use are equally relevant to you.

In this workshop, Graeme will share principles, techniques and tips learned from 20 years of building and managing a successful consultancy. He�ll show you how to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of business needs and priorities
  • Define high-value projects and gain business buy-in
  • Negotiate and manage expectations
  • Deal with problems � and difficult people
  • Build effective long-term relationships

This part of the seminar is intended for every person involved in meeting the needs of the business � and is particularly relevant for those in administration or support functions such as data management / architecture groups. We should add that external consultants, particularly those working independently, have also found Graeme�s consulting skills workshops extremely valuable in improving the success of their client engagements.

Course Leader

Graeme Simsion enjoys a reputation as an outstanding and entertaining communicator � Often controversial, and always prepared to question not only the conventional wisdom but his own ideas as well, he is identified with some of the most important ideas and trends in data administration and data modelling over the past decade. He has been an outspoken critic of conventional approaches to data administration and advocated a tactical, project-based approach, which has been widely adopted. In data modelling he supports the need for specialist data modellers, regards data modelling as a creative design activity, and was one of the first to highlight the importance of using patterns.He brings a perspective to his seminar from the broader worlds of business, human development and technology. In recent months he has spoken on data management, business process management, consultancy skills, communication skills, career planning, and relationships between academe and industry, at conferences in the US, Europe and Australia. His book, Data Modelling Essentials, written with Graham Witt, is now in its third edition, and is widely regarded as the clearest work on the topic.

Graeme�s interests extend well beyond the data management field: after spending his early career as a DBA, he built and managed a successful consultancy which grew to some 70 staff covering IS planning, process re-design and systems specification as well as data management and data modelling. During this period, he continued to take on consulting assignments himself, primarily facilitating business and technology planning at the senior management level. In recent years he has mixed his conference presentations, workshop facilitation, consulting engagements and original research at the University of Melbourne. Graeme�s presentations are noteworthy for their occasional �theatrical� elements. In the past, he has notoriously dressed as a duck, preached from a ladder, and on one occasion he engaged a group of chartered accountants in community singing to get his message across.



Jun 18 - 19 2007


8:30 am - 5:00 pm


Albany Club 91 King Street East (King/Yonge subway )

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