Information Stewardship & Governance: Achieving Effective Information Management

The negative impacts of low quality information, lack of audit-ability and lack of control across the information value chains has elevated the awareness for appropriate Information Resource Management.  Most organizations, in all economic sectors, have a heighten interest in implementing Information Governance.  They aim to achieve better control of their information assets by deploying effective information stewardship roles and responsibilities and related control functions.

This business environment demands an Information Management function with a focus on accountability and participation of business and information technology personnel alike.  This participation must transcend the boundaries of applications, project scopes, and departments; organizations need an effective approach to facilitate this enterprise process.
The Data Certification Framework helps organizations leverage and control their information resource to achieve increased information management compliance, operational effectiveness and strategic positioning within their markets.  Data Certification includes processes, controls, roles, methods, tools and techniques to enable an organization to accomplish these goals.

This presentation provides the attendees with a full description of the Data Certification approach and how it helps their organizations increase information management capabilities.


Andres Perez is a Senior Information Management Consultant and President of IRM Consulting, Ltd. Co. based in San Antonio, Texas.  Mr. Perez provides consulting in methodologies and tools in the disciplines of enterprise-wide Information Resource Management and Information Quality Management (TIQM®).  This includes information governance, data architecture, metadata repository and management, requirements management, data modeling, Data Warehouse, and Business Intelligence.  He conceived and implemented the information stewardship program called “Data Certification.”

Mr. Perez has authored several articles in the Information Management field.  He is a well known speaker at conferences in the US and Europe, including DAMA International, Information Quality, ZIFA (Zachman Information Framework Architecture), and IAA (Insurance Application Architecture).  His presentations address topics such as information resource management, information stewardship, information quality management, and enterprise information architecture.  Mr. Perez is the current VP of Operations for DAMA International, past Board Member of the IAIDQ, the IAA User Group and the DAMA HOT (Austin-San Antonio) Chapter.

Annual General Meeting

This meeting will also serve as our Annual General Meeting. Elections will be held for positions on the Board for the forthcoming year. Please contact our President or any other Board member if you are interested in assisting IRMAC for the year 2010-2011.



May 14 2010


8:30 am - 11:00 am


The Rostie Group, WaterPark Place, 20 Bay Street, 12th Floor, Toronto.

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