Managing Enterprise Wide Applications in the 21st Century

IRMAC is pleased to present “Managing Enterprise Wide Applications in the 21st Century” by Mark Langlois, Manager Market Development, IBM Global Services. Mark has an extensive background in Application Management as well as an MBA from Ivey at Western and a BA in Economics from York. Prior to joining IBM Global Services, Mark worked at DMR and RIS in business development roles helping create long term value-added relationships managing client application portfolios.

Companies are finding it more and more difficult to maintain the cost of managing their applications. IBM Global Services has recently completed a study of the Canadian Application Outsourcing market in key Canadian Industry Sectors. Mark will review the information gathered to provide a comprehensive perspective of why companies are looking to outsource the management of their applications and which applications are best suited for this model of outsourcing. Mark will also discuss the impacts of application outsourcing on Enterprise Data Management practices and processes.

Industry standards have also evolved to ensure Best Practices and Goals are set for managing your applications. Today, the Application Management Services Industry uses the SEI-CMM process in order to achieve this. Companies that currently support their applications often find they are reacting to challenges and changes that are required to that application. Businesses do not have the time or resources to develop and evolve their applications. The SEI-CMM process is used within IBM’s Application Management Services team to deliver tangible benefits through productivity gains and creates a baseline for software process improvements. We will highlight successes in using both IBM Application Management Services and the SEI-CMM process in Canada.


Managing Enterprise Wide Applications in the 21st Century, Mark Langlois


Apr 17 2002


8:00 am - 11:30 am


The Ontario Club, 5th Floor, Commerce Court South 30 Wellington Street West (Bay and Wellington)

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