Master Data Management in the Age of Big Data

Organizations are turning to IT to collaborate effectively with their business counterparts to leverage their asset to deliver game changing value. Information Management is the application of techniques that allow organizations to fully exploit and govern their information assets resulting in better decisions, competitive differentiation, and sustained business success. Information governance facilitates collaboration for key IT and business stakeholders to manage and control data and information as a corporate asset and ensure that it can be used reliability to improve productivity throughout the enterprise.

Join us in a presentation where we will explore the people, process, technology required to support master data management programs in the age of Big Data. In this presentation we will take a close look at the capabilities, along with a demonstration, of the SAS DataFlux MDM solution.


Steve Papagiannis is the sales and marketing lead for SAS Information Management practice in Canada and has over 25 years’ experience using information technology for analysis; having held a variety of positions in application development, IT management, software sales and consulting.

He has consistently looked for ways to apply technology to understand human behaviour (with a variety of interests across telecommunications, financial services, healthcare, automotive and retail). Using data warehousing, statistical analysis, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and applying different methods to display and deliver information, he has always found ways to provide insight and improve decision making. Steve has been at the SAS Institute for 7 years and holds degrees in Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Toronto.

Navigating the NoSQL Landscape

In the era of cheap disk space, processing power and high bandwidth networks, the constraints that caused our industry to have a near exclusive focus on Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) have abated. The terminology surrounding NoSQL and BigData are confusing to IT professionals trying to select the right storage for the right problem. The talk will explore the technical reasons you might select one of these new databases, the types of databases available, their correct use and quintessential use cases for them. Also discussed will be the counter indications for them. This is a survey talk for management and developers who are new to NoSQL/BigData/Non-RDBMS.


Frank Weigel is the Vice President of Field Technical Operations for Couchbase. Previous to Couchbase, Frank was with IBM as technical product manager for cross-platform virtualization. Prior to that Frank served in a variety of roles at Transitive, including R&D, product management, and sales engineering. Frank received his undergraduate and graduate degrees in computer engineering from Manchester University, and holds several U.S. patents. He will be presenting remotely.

Annual General Meeting

This meeting will also serve as our Annual General Meeting. Elections will be held for positions on the Board for the forthcoming year. Please contact our President or any other Board member if you are interested in assisting IRMAC for the year 2013-2014.


May 15 2013


8:30 am - 11:30 pm


The Albany Club, 91 King Street East (King/Yonge subway ), Toronto

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