Master Data Management projects – A practical guide for stakeholders

Master Data Management projects – A practical guide for stakeholders

Master data is part of our everyday lives. It is frustrating and causes tangible rework many times over, when it is wrong. This informative presentation will seek to demystify the fast growing domain of MDM, for executives, management and specialists, in a personal and relevant manner. What is the context of MDM today? Why is MDM strategic? What is the role of culture, skills and budget? Why is the choice of technology a crucial one? Why does data governance have to be easy and practical? It will investigate MDM topics like business process, rules, hierarchies & data relationships, data governance, data quality, versioning & audit logs. Most importantly, this presentation seeks to provide MDM stakeholders, with guidelines on how to understand, work and succeed together.

Craig Van Spall is a Senior Project Manager & Principal Consultant at Van Spall Inc. ( &, a niche business focused on project management, architecture and engineering related to Master Data, Big Data, Analytics, Cloud and Mobility. Craig started his career in 1993, with a strong foundation in relational databases, Unix operating systems and Internet protocols as a systems engineer, leading to roles in architecture, product & program management. Craig is a certified PMP with an MBA; and education/certifications in Systems Engineering, Database administration, Unix administration, ITIL, healthcare information management systems & leadership.

Why QlikView is the fastest growing BI company in the world

According to IDC, QlikTech (makers of QlikView) is the fastest growing Business Intelligence company in the world, 5 years running. QlikTech has been around since 1993 but only in the last few years has it experienced the growth we are seeing now. QlikView has often been touted as an “in memory” Business Intelligence vendor. However it is really their underlying architecture and approach to BI which differentiates them from other BI vendors. QlikView is changing the rules of the game. In this presentation, Neil Hepburn will explain:

  • Why QlikView is beginning to dominate the BI space
  • Are OLAP-centric tools obsolete? What this means for the data warehouse
  • How QlikView’s “associative” architecture works behind-the-scenes
  • What are QlikView’s novel product features, and what are its product blind spots
  • Why the Agile methodology is now better suited to Business Intelligence than software application development

Neil will also provide an interactive demo of dashboards built in QlikView, demonstrating ETL, data profiling, and data analysis capabilities.

Neil Hepburn is an Information Management consultant with PwC Canada (PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP) with over 20 years of IT experience. Neil’s area of focus are in Agile Analytics, Data Quality, and Data Governance.



Mar 21 2012


8:30 am - 11:30 pm


The Rostie Group, WaterPark Place, 20 Bay Street, 12th Floor, Toronto.

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