Quality by Design: Event Management for Effective Data Movement

Organizations spend large amounts of money, time and human resources implementing data movement processes. However the customers of the new data structures frequently are disappointed if not frustrated with the quality of the information. To make matters worse, when the organization sets out to correct the defects; they find out that they lack the information needed to locate the root causes. Defect correction in data movement processes is frequently a trial-and-error, time consuming, and error prone process. Some data movement processes are so complex and difficult to maintain that many organizations resort to “after the fact” data correction techniques, adding to the overall complexity of the environment.

This presentation describes practical methods and techniques to implement event management: an approach to implement the “Fourth Rule of Quality By Design: Capture Information About Defects & Events.” The application of this approach enables capturing details on processes, events and defects such that defect correction is not only possible, but highly effective. This improvement in effectiveness results from the ability to know which defects are the most significant based on their frequency and impact, and where exactly in the process the defects are detected (or missed). In addition, this method merges the traditional data warehousing methods with operational design concepts to keep information stewards informed of information defects encountered during the movement of information they are interested in using or responsible for its upkeep.


Andres Perez is a Senior Information Management Consultant and President of IRM Consulting, Ltd. Co. based in San Antonio, Texas. Mr. Perez provides consulting in methodologies and tools in the disciplines of enterprise-wide Information Resource Management and Information Quality Management (TIQM�). This includes the disciplines of information governance, data architecture, metadata repository and management, requirements management, data modeling, Data Warehouse, and Business Intelligence. He conceived and implemented an information stewardship program called “Data Certification.”

Mr. Perez has authored several articles in the Information Management field. He is a well known speaker at conferences in the US and Europe, including DAMA International, Information Quality, ZIFA (Zachman Information Framework Architecture), and IAA (Insurance Application Architecture). His presentations include information resource management, information stewardship, information quality management, and enterprise information architecture. Mr. Perez is the current VP of Operations for DAMA International and past Director of the IAIDQ Board and the IAA User Group Board.



Oct 17 2007


8:30 am - 11:30 am


Insurance Institute of Canada, 18 King Street East, 16th Floor Toronto (Medium training room)

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