Service Oriented Models and Meta Data Management

As enterprises move to service-oriented development of applications (SODA), the inter-relationship between the business processes and the services and components which enable them become increasingly more complex. Here we examine how evolving modelling standards such as UML and MDA and repository technology can help to promote business understanding and technologies to automate the design and construction of applications while also promoting architectural compliance and ensuring application performance and reuse.

This presentation will introduce SODA, in particular:

  • How the Application Development cycle will be changed
  • Meta Data management in the world of service oriented architectures
  • Emerging modelling standards and vendors
  • Architectural compliance and application reuse
  • Which technologies will survive


Michael Blechar is vice president and research director in Gartner Research, where he is part of Research and Advisory Services (RAS). He has been a vice president in the Applications Development Research service in Gartner for more than 10 years. Mr. Blechar specializes in Component-based applications development technologies, traditional mainframe and client/server AD tools, OO/UML and database design modeling tools, J2EE and .NET model-driven code generators and metadata management including data administration and metadata repositories.

Mr. Blechar has 35 years of experience in data processing, having held technical and management positions in systems development, data and database administration, and computer-aided software engineering (CASE) for several Fortune 500 companies, including American Can, Ciba-Geigy, and the New York Stock Exchange. Prior to joining Gartner in 1993, Mr. Blechar managed the corporate development center, methodology and data management personnel at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida. He was responsible for the implementation of the Texas Instruments IEF tool set (now Computer Associates’ Advantage: Gen product) and created the showcase site for that product in the southeastern U.S. Previously, Mr. Blechar served five years as director of product technology and as U.S. product manager for CGI Systems, the vendor of (now IBM’s) VisualAge Pacbase Integrated-CASE development tool. Mr. Blechar has served on the ANSI IRDS (Repository) standards committee.

Gartner thanks you for your attendance at analyst Michael Blechar’s presentation at the November IRMAC meeting. The presentation covered a lot of ground, and many of you have follow up questions you would like to discuss with Michael and other Gartner analysts. You can do this by contacting your local Gartner
representative (or , 416-222-7900), or through the “Ask an analyst” feature of the website
Just refer to Michael Blechar and IRMAC, and the inquiry will be routed to him. Kelly will also make available a copy of his presentation on request.

Data on the Outside vs. Data on the Inside: An Examination of the Impact of Service Oriented Architectures on Data

This session will explore Service Oriented Architecture, and the differences between data inside and data outside the service boundary. Additionally, it will examine the strengths and weaknesses of objects, SQL, and XML as different representations of data, and compares and contrasts these models.


Starting in 1991, Lars Laakes was the technical product manager in the patterns & practices group in Microsoft Redmond, WA and responsible for various deliverables such as the Smart Client Blocks and Enterprise Patterns. He worked closely with customers and various product groups to ensure the p&p deliverables truly communicated the best practices for solving each technical challenge.

Prior to moving to Redmond, for 8 years Lars Laakes was a partner and CTO of a leading training, mentoring, and consulting company based out of Toronto and New York. He worked closely with Fortune 100 companies assisting them in designing, developing, and delivering solutions around the Microsoft platform, as well as strategic planning around corporate technology directions.

Lars’ strong communication and public speaking skills combined with an expertise in n-tier application architectures and the design and implementation of back-end business services, including Enterprise Application Integration has helped guide many clients across North America to realize their business solutions on the Microsoft platform.

Some key projects include the design and development of help desk solutions, trading and stock analysis applications, real-time scientific analysis applications, industrial production and inventory systems, and CRMs. Many of these where integrated in very heterogeneous environments and were built on COM(+), MTS, ASP.NET and Web Services, BizTalk Server, .NET framework, and SQL Server.


Lars Laakes, Data on the Inside versus Data on the Outside


Nov 17 2004


8:30 am - 11:30 am


The Ontario Club, 5th Floor, Commerce Court South 30 Wellington Street West (Bay and Wellington), Toronto

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