Smart Cities and the Future of Living in Them

Smart Cities Conversation with Urban Living Futures and Entuitive as well as a guided tour through Sidewalk labs.


Tristan Truyens leads the Advanced Performance Analysis group at Entuitive and has been engaged in the thermodynamic simulation of buildings for over 15 years. Since migrating to the world of sustainable design he has applied these skills to improving the energy efficiency of our built environment.
Tristan excels at breaking down complex problems into digestible pieces; parsing the nuanced details of a building’s systems while keeping an eye on the big picture. He has contributed to the design of some of Canada’s highest performing projects including the country’s only Certified Living Building.

Danilo Tomanovic is AI DEEP DIVE’s (AIDD) President. He began his career on Bay Street on the Gold Desk of CIBC WOODGUNDY and was employee #30 of global risk management developer ALGORITHMICS INC.
Danilo has had executive sales roles with SCOTIABANK Global Transaction Banking, has worked for Peter Munk’s luxury super-yacht marina PORTO MONTENEGRO & is currently the President of the AI DEEP DIVE Toronto office.
He is married, with two daughters and is convinced that “Toronto is having a moment” visa vi the quality of talent & startups in Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton & Vancouver.

Our moderator, Kevin Monte de Ramos this evening is a Data and Analytic Strategist who builds an insights-driven culture to spawn revenue growth and enhance market competitiveness.

Helen Platis has held leadership positions in a broad range of organizations, including large scale and global energy companies SKY Solar Group, Duke Energy (Union Gas), Ontario Hydro, Centrica PLC (Direct Energy) and Stantec Consulting.
Helen brings over 20 years of management experience within small and large organizations within the private and public sectors to Lacuna-Canada, with a strong track record leading cross-functional teams, cultivating relationships, spearheading business transformation and change management initiatives. She specializes in working with global players to develop market entry strategies, identify acquisitions and negotiating JV agreements.


Oct 23 2019


4:20 pm - 6:30 pm

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Sidewalk Labs, 307 Lake Shore Blvd E.
No advance reservations are required to attend this presentation. Should you wish to attend on the Web then, please register using the link below, before 4 pm on the previous day.
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