Ten proven steps to High Value BI Applications

Technology has very little to do with the success of Business Intelligence (B.I.), there is no one tool that will provide a magic bullet. This is contrary to what many companies believe, due to the nature of the marketing of all B.I. tool vendors. Very often the first step to turning around a failing implementation project is to clarify this point – the people and the processes need to be audited first, not the tools.

This presentation will cover a wide range of topics we believe are vital components to any successful analytical application adoption. Each of these topics should be layered on top of each other to provide reinforcement and to ensure continued funding and therefore growth. Most companies are likely to execute well on some topics, however very few will be executing well on all layers.

Regardless of industry or technology, the layers touch on a number of universal truths that can provide a navigational course for any company wishing to keep alive their analytical application. Not all are possible to fully realize overnight, however there are always a number of actions that can be immediately taken to keep the application on the rails and going in the correct direction.


Simon Miller is a Senior e-BI Consultant with SQLiaison. He has hands-on experience in all phases of the data warehouse and analytical applications project lifecycle. He is focused on bringing business value to clients through the optimal application of technology and processes. He has 9 years of experience in information technology project and business management, equipping him with a unique mix of leadership, business and technical skills. As a leading authority on gathering, managing, and using information, he has helped companies, large and small, across multiple industries to gain competitive advantage and improve profits.


Simon Miller, Ten proven steps to High Value BI Applications

Questions please contact

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Oct 26 2004


5:45 pm - 7:30 pm


Beeton Room West, Toronto Reference Library, Yonge Street at Asquith Ave. (one block north of Bloor), Toronto

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