The Building Blocks of Business Advantage: How and Where Does Enterprise Decision Support Fit?

Today’s IT executives are expected to be strategic business partners that generate bottom line value for the business. While their agenda is heavily dominated by the millennium bug, implementing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems and integrating systems in support of mergers and acquisitions, Enterprise Decision Support solutions are being more frequently viewed as the fundamental building blocks that will create sustainable competitive advantage. These technologies include data warehousing, business intelligence and data mining, and are the foundation layer to support the implementation of Emerging Business Solutions, such as Balanced Scorecard, Performance Measurement and Knowledge Management. This session explores these emerging business solutions and the role of decision support in their successful delivery.

Our speaker is David W. Smith Data Warehouse Solutions Manager from SAS Institute (Canada) Inc.   < >


Oct 14 1998


8:30 am - 11:00 am


DAYS INN, 30 Carlton St.

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