The New Rules For Canadians Doing Business in the EU

May 25, 2018 ushered in a new era of data protection and personal privacy in our technology-centric, digital world. It has certainly changed the way we capture, use, store, share and delete personal data of individuals. Translation: it’s changed the way we go about doing business in the EU, including the UK. Many of our old practices regarding data are now against the law. Join Derek Lackey, CIPM, Managing Partner of Newport Thomson, President of the Response Marketing Association and Chair of Work Group on Guidance, Canadian Advisory Council – GDPR as he unpacks the important elements for Canadian companies who are doing business in the EU.

Derek Lackey has an excellent working knowledge of Privacy by Design & Default and approaches data protection & privacy with a marketer’s context. He consistently implements privacy frameworks in organizations designed to create policies and procedures that respect the individual and their rights.

He is also a private sector expert in CASL – our new Canadian Anti Spam Legislation, having written “CASL Compliance: A Marketer’s Guide to Email Marketing to Canadians” to help organizations design & write new, compliant practices for their electronic communications strategies.

Derek is Managing Partner of Newport Thomson, a data & privacy trusted advisory based in Toronto. In his volunteer role as President of the Response Marketing Association he has provided leadership in the area of privacy and marketing. He is also the Publisher of Blazon.Online a curated portal featuring great content for marketers.


Sep 18 2019


4:20 pm - 6:00 pm


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