The Practice of Architecture: Challenges and Opportunities with Enterprise Architecture

IT Architecture practices are relatively new. Organizations have tried to implement architecture practices with varying degree of success. Differing schools of thought and different points of view have resulted in practices that are unclear and unappealing to some business leaders.

This presentation describes the opportunities and challenges related to defining and implementing the practice of architecture. It offers proven approaches for creating a useful and pragmatic practice that supports the business. Those interested in building, transforming and implementing an IT Architecture practice should find this presentation very useful.

Information Management Aligned with Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) is the holy grail of information resource management. We have been in pursuit of this elusive goal since the concept was first articulated. That we have not achieved it, at least to a desired level of satisfaction, may be the result of the lack of a framework for implementing it.

This presentation defines such a framework, in the form of an operating model for EIM with links to Enterprise Architecture. An operating model must fit the culture and values of an organization. As such, the operating model described in this presentation is a theoretical model that describes a generic framework that must be adapted to the realities of specific organizations. It is presented as food for thought, for those responsible for the EIM function, and are grappling with the real-life challenges of implementing EIM within their organizations.


Craig Van Spall is a Director responsible for Enterprise Architecture at eHealth Ontario. Craig’s mastery is in leadership and strategic change. Craig has formal Engineering and M.B.A. degrees along with several Leadership and IT certifications. For 18 years, Craig has worked in Information Technology for the Health, Financial, and Telecommunication sectors both in the Greater Toronto and San Francisco areas.

Patrick Sue is a Manager with KPMG in Canada, in the Enterprise Architecture service line. Over the past 19 years, he has focused on IT planning and architecture aligned with business strategy, in both the public and private sectors. He has developed enterprise information management models for a number of organizations.



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