Turning Data into Information with Real-time Business Intelligence

With the increased globalization of companies and the growing sophistication of technology, business transactions are becoming more diverse and complex than ever before. More and more companies are realizing the value of turning data into information, allowing them to make strategic business decisions.

Real-time business intelligence can mean the difference between knowing what happened in your business last month and knowing what’s happening in your business right now. With a clear need to integrate large volumes of data in real-time between source systems and data warehouses, creating synchronized, streamlined, and secure data flows. To ensure the continuous flow of information across heterogeneous computing platforms, many companies have traditionally used such approaches as Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) technology. However, this approach has since transcended into proven change data Capture, Transform, and Flow (CTF) technology, which allows enterprises to capture changes as they occur in operational systems. CTF Technology is built on a push-based architecture, in which all transactions from sources are detected, transformed, and sent to the receiving end as they occur. Push-based technology creates zero data latency, eliminating load windows, and keeping data fresh and synchronized. CTF technology also allows businesses to apply a variety of data transformation and cleansing routines on-the-fly so that data is in a format conducive to query and analysis. The continuous flow of information allows instant access to timely data required in the business decision making process of the organization.

This session will discuss the differences between ETL versus CTF data integration, what to look for in a data integration solution, and the benefits you can expect to achieve through real-time data flows. This session will also provide real-world examples of companies, including manufacturing, shipping and logistics, and non profit organizations, that are using CTF technology to gain a live, 360-degree view of corporate and customer information, which in turn, strengthens enterprise-wide business intelligence initiatives.

Speaker Bio

Dipendra Malhotra is the Director of Development at DataMirror. He is responsible for developing DataMirror’s line of real-time data integration, resiliency and monitoring software and plays a key role in guiding the company’s product strategy and market direction. Prior to joining DataMirror, Dipendra worked at Accenture and Bell Canada where he helped design and develop multiple OLTP and data collection applications and products. Dipendra has a Bachelor of Engineering (Honors) degree in Computer Engineering from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, and has presented at numerous industry conferences including the Meta Data Conference and DataMirror’s annual Transcend User Conference



Feb 24 2004


5:45 pm - 7:30 pm


Beeton Room West (main floor north end of building) Toronto Reference Library, Yonge Street at Asquith Ave. (one block north of Bloor), Toronto

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