Tutorial: Semantic Technology for Data Modellers

Data modellers and data analysts have the perfect background to lead their organizations into the emerging world of Semantic Technology.Unfortunately, until now there was no easy on-ramp to the Semantic Technology Superhighway.

Dave McComb and Simon Robe have taken five years of experience in building enterprise ontologies for large organizations, as well as lessons learned from teaching ontology development to newbies in their popular four-day class, and boiled it down to a two-day introduction for Data Modellers.

Custom Tailored for Data modellers

This tutorial offers an outstanding opportunity to obtain state-of-the-art knowledge from people who know the practice as well as the theory of this cutting-edge technology.

What you will learn from this course

  • Understand the difference between traditional ER modeling and Semantic Modeling
  • Be able to articulate how implementing structure-free models can greatly reduce the cost of implementing many classes of systems.
  • Be conversant with the “Open World” hypothesis and know when and how to apply it.
  • Be aware of sources of semi-structured information that can be combined with existing data to augment an enterprise application.
  • Have a greatly expanded working vocabulary.
  • Be in a position to wrest control of the definition of SOA messages by explaining the benefits of deriving them from a common message model, which in turn is derived from an ontology.

Course Outline

  • Semantic Technology, the Fundamental Differences – Will cover all the nomenclature and how it is different from traditional technology. (3 hours)
  • Structure-Free Models – What does it mean to divorce the structure of a model from its meaning? How does this make systems more evolvable? We’ll have a simple example system and show how you can change the type of an individual while the system is running and change the type structure in an existing system. (3 hours)
  • Linked Open Data/Linked Enterprise Data – Describe and demo DBPedia/Metaweb, etc. Show how a wealth of data could be accessed. Have a mashup that accessed the LOD Cloud. (3 hours)
  • Deriving Your SOA from an Enterprise Ontology – How to build an Enterprise Ontology, derive a canonical model from it, and then derive the SOA messages from the canonical. (3 hours)

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Course Leaders

This tutorial will be led by Dave McComb and Simon Robe of Semantic Arts, Inc., a Colorado-based consulting group that specializes in helping organizations with their ontology design. Key customers include: LexisNexis, Sallie Mae, the CIA, Procter & Gamble, the Colorado Child Support Enforcement Division, and the Washington State departments of Employment Security, Financial Management, Transportation, and Labor and Industries.

Semantic Arts co-founded and has co-produced the Semantic Technology Conference since 2005. This conference has become the “go to” place for the commercialization of this technology. The firm also conducts a four-day course, “Designing and Building Business Ontologies,” which many people consider to be the premier seminar of its kind.

Course Registration

This event will be held Monday and Tuesday, June 13-14, 2011, at the Albany Club, 91 King Street East, Toronto, Ontario.

Non IRMAC members may register (in US Dollars) at the Semantic Arts web site

The course fee includes instructional materials, breakfast, and lunch. It does not include registration for the IRMAC lunch on June 15 (separate registration required).



Jun 13 - 14 2011


The Albany Club, 91 King Street East (King/Yonge subway ), Toronto

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