Utilising ETL tools – Can you afford not to?

For years end users have been badgering IT for timely access to new, better and more accurate information, and for years IT groups have been scrambling trying to meet these growing demands, by hiring more people, stretching existing resources, or compromising standards.

Faced with the reality of frozen head-counts, IT Managers end up looking for ways to improve productivity in hopes of meeting that increasing demand for timely information. That search for improved productivity has landed more and more IT managers at ETL tool vendors’ doorsteps.

At one point in time ETL tools were seen as a fairly expensive luxury, a luxury that few organizations needed and fewer still could afford. But ETL tool technology has come a long way over the past few years. Today’s tools are easy to learn and easier to use, and can reduce interface development time by over 400% – rendering custom coding extremely inefficient and archaic.

Not only is an ETL tool likely to pay for itself in 3 to 6 months, but it will also offer IT and the DW team in particular significant resourcing flexibility, allowing them to complement the DW team with less technical resources during the development phase to hopefully meet these ambitious deadlines.

Most organizations are still relying on custom coding to populate their decision support environment, and although that may have been acceptable at one point in time, the increased demand for new data and the reduced cost of ownership for ETL tools have rendered custom coding a non-option in the 21st century.


Sam P. Selim is the Chief Technology Officer at SQL Power Group Inc. a leading Canadian software firm specializing in Data Warehousing and Performance Management. Mr. Selim is the lead architect for many of SQL Power’s data warehousing products and has over 14 years of hands on experience designing and developing numerous data warehousing solutions for SQL Power clients. Sam has been a presenter at several data warehouse conferences and tradeshows and has written extensively on these topics. He can be reached at sam@sqlpower.ca or at the company’s Web site at www.sqlpower.ca


Sam P. Selim, Utilizing ETL Tools – Can you afford not to? (pdf)

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