What Business Rules Have To Offer Data Quality

Business rules relate to data quality in at least two fundamental ways – automating the decisions that the company makes in its day-to-day operations, and auditing data produced by existing processes for compliance with external regulation (e.g., SOX) as well as internal business policies and goals. In both cases, rules and rule technologies offer exiting new ways to achieve break-through improvements in information quality.

Mr. Ross examines recent industry experience in using the business rules approach for both automating and auditing decisions. Both uses emphasize improved communication between IT and the business, pinpoint intervention, and proactive techniques for identifying and addressing information anomalies.

This presentation reviews what every data professional concerned with data quality, business intelligence, smart business processes, and compliance needs to know about business rules. Case studies are reviewed to show where and how business rule techniques can be used for maximum benefit. Finally, the presentation highlights business rule management and indicates its largely untapped potential for information and data quality.

  • The latest real-world experience in applied business rule techniques.
  • Pragmatic techniques for data professionals.
  • Rule management – traceability, accountability and transparency.
  • Advanced compliance strategies.
  • Enterprise modernization and how it will affect you.

Presenter Profile

Ronald G. Ross is Principal of Business Rule Solutions, LLC (www.BRSolutions.com). BRS provides public seminars (www.AttainingEdge.com), consulting services, publications, RuleSpeakR, and the ProteusR methodology.

Ronald G. Ross is recognized as the “father of business rules.” He serves as Executive Editor of www.BRCommunity.com and its flagship publication, Business Rules Journal, and as Co-Chair of the Business Rule Forum Conferences. Mr. Ross is the author of eight professional books, including the handbook Business Rule Concepts (2005) and Principles of the Business Rule Approach, Addison-Wesley (2003).




Dec 05 2007


6:00 pm


Room 303, Metro Hall, 55 John St (between King and Front Streets, west of St Andrew Subway).

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