Year 2000 and Architecture

“I asked to work on Year 2000 at LGS in August 1996. I wanted to work on an IT project that was urgent and important to the enterprise. I thought it would be like working in the emergency ward of a hospital. This was accurate. There was intensity, attention, and intervention from the executive level. Moreover, like an emergency ward, the cases seem to be quite varied. It seemed that while the same analysis steps could be followed for each enterprise, the plan results were significantly different. This was due to the variation in the territory of each corporation’s applications, databases, technology, and business drivers. I’d like to look at the architectural aspects of these differences in this presentation.”


  1. What is the relationship between architecture and Year 2000?
    • Data and Applications Architectures: (Architecture assessment criteria were integral components in Year 2000 planning. For example, applications and data architectures were evaluated in the areas of: application size, database usage patterns, and external interfaces.)
    • Business Architecture: (The enterprise process hierarchy diagram became the vehicle for planning and communicating risk.)
    • Technology infrastructure: (Correction work was greater than originally envisaged, and more complex in the inter-relationships within the technology suite and with the applications being supported.
  2. Architecture comparisons are made using case histories.
  3. What did we find while carrying out Y2K conversions? The LGS Y2K Factory came across date processing techniques that can only be described as comic. We’ll share some of these discoveries.
  4. What did we learn from this Y2K experience that will cause us to do architecture differently?

The Zachman Framework will be used to provide definitions of applications, data and business architectures, and to frame the general presentation


Marilyn Cornwell is a consultant with LGS Group Inc. in the Toronto Office’s Architecture Group. She currently is participating in a strategy project to define the Central Region’s applications delivery strategy and approach. In the last two years, her consulting assignments were in the Year 2000 area, where she specialized in high level planning activities.

Marilyn has over 15 years of experience in various architecture roles. She has in-depth experience in business architecture and data architecture. She is experienced in records management, EDI and document analysis as well as the development of methodology and business procedures


Jan 13 1999


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